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Wednesday 01/06/2021 — I know I said last month that I wasn’t going to be posting many selfies, but I came across this photo from 2017 while I was looking for something else (serendipity indeed).

That got me to thinking about stripes. When I was growing up, the stripes on the sleeves of my father’s Air Force uniforms were important. I wasn’t exactly sure why at first, but I gradually came to realize that the more stripes, the better.

I used to wonder if tigers had fewer stripes when they were babies than when they were grown, but then I learned that they’re born with all their unique stripes (kind of like fingerprints) and the stripes simply get wider as they age.

I used to have all these naturally grown stripes in my hair, but the more my hair turns silver, the fewer stripes there are—or maybe the white ones are just getting wider.

Just call me Tiger Lady!

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Beautiful stripes.

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