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Take Care

Tuesday - 02/09/2021 — I know we’re always listening to ourselves, but I sometimes wonder if we do truly hear ourselves. Take, for instance, that oft-spoken phrase, “My back is killing me.”

Really? Is that the sort of instruction I want to send to my body? Sure, things hurt sometimes, especially now when my chiropractor isn’t available except for dire emergencies, but there’s a big difference between simply saying Ouchoccasionally and telling one’s back to speed up the degenerative process so it goes into the killing range.

The power of positive thinking does work, whether we wake each morning saying thank you to our eyes and ears and muscles and heart. Thank you for working. Thank you for helping me through this day. Thank you for being here for me. Or, on the other hand whether you say (or even just think) this is killing me, I can’t deal with this, or I wish I were dead.

I made myself a promise this morning that as much as possible I will say I can, rather than I can’t.

Will you join me in that resolution?

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1 commentaire

Thanks Fran. That is absolutely true. Our word program our bodies.

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