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The Nature Conservancy

Monday - 05/10/2021 — A lot of years ago I changed my will to include The Nature Conservancy. I first learned of the Nature Conservancy when I was listening to an interview with its director on WVMT, Vermont’s public radio station. He talked about the Conservancy’s program of buying select properties that would interrupt the possibility of large-scale development. One woman called in to the show and complained about the “interference of do-gooders” like the Nature Conservancy. “All I want to do,” she grumped, “is to look out my window every morning and enjoy those beautiful Green Mountains.”

“I might point out,” the TNC director replied with great patience, “that a good portion of those trees you enjoy looking at are still there because of The Nature Conservancy’s programs.”

At any rate, I added TNC to my will and a few years ago mailed back one of those preprinted postcards they’d included in their magazine, letting them know that I’d done so. That made me a member of their “Legacy Club.”

One of the benefits of Legacy Club membership is that I get to tune in to special webinars showcasing various nature preserves around the USA. This past Thursday I watched one about the Nassawango Creek Preserve on the Maryland peninsula.

And yesterday morning I got a notice about all the new baby bison in the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in Oklahoma. They included a photo of one of the babies in which I could see the teeny nub where the calf’s horns will someday grow. [I couldn't share that particular photo with you, since it's copyrighted by TNC, but here's a grown bison from]

Which organizations do you believe in and support?

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